The family stands together in solidarity with the black community. The inequality and brutal treatment must end now. We join our customers, our friends, and our family in the fight against systemic racism and injustice.
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About Us

We are 3 gay guys. a bear, a cub, and a pup

Purveyors of shirts and accessories for the LGBT, Bear, Pup, Trans, and roller derby communities. We pride ourselves in the unusual.  We delight in bringing  our fellow enthusiasts items that will make people stop and take notice. Our staff is made up of a gay bear, cub, and pup who are retired roller derby coaches, referees, non-skating officials, and players. Oh yeah and two cats. We are passionate about LGBT, Bear, Pup, Trans, and the sport of roller derby, so much so that we had no choice but to share our passion with you.  

Pervyology provides one-of-a-kind, brilliant hilarious items and collectibles. After all everyone needs a bag of dicks right?


Marketing & Sales, Puppy Daddy, Cat Whisperer


Resident Ologist & Owner and Judge Judy groupie.


Pup Aspen

Beauty Ologist, Cuddle Ologist, Cook, and oh look a squirrel!


Master of the Unipurrs, Singer of the Song of His People at 3AM

Optimus Prime

Queen of Disguise and Martial Arts, Hunter of Dust Bunnies and Puny