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Colors and Sizing Charts

Please note that colors may not be exact due to your display settings

The below is provide as guidance for the sizing of our t-shirts. Cotton shirts are pre-shrunk, but you can expect a small additional amount of shrinkage from normal washing and usage.

How to find your size: Get your favorite t-shirt that fits well, don't stretch it, lay it flat, measure armpit to armpit across the chest than compare to the sizing charts.  Alternatively wear the shirt and have a friend/partner measure across the chest pit to pit. 

You'll have a "1/2 size" (front only), compare that number to the below charts.

If you are in-between sizes on the shirt, we recommend going up especially if you are "chesty" or "bearish."

We show up to 3XL on the site but can get most colors up to 5XL. 4XL and 5XL. Put in the notes or contact us directly at to order. Some styles may have an uncharge although we try our best to keep prices the same for all sizes.